Monday, December 28, 2009

What to wear with a cam walker?

One Nor'easter behind us but that nasty snow/rain anime continues to taunt our 5 day forecasts. For many this is nothing more than a sweet reminder to give your locks a much needed day off from the straightening iron, don your wellies and leave the suede at home. Well, for cam walker clad invalids like myself who have suffered broken hoofs or similar ill-fated tumbles, a rainy day in the city presents more than a fashion crisis - it is nothing short of hell.

Tips for the invalid trying to keep dry:

Cover up that bootie!
Sadly the manufacturers of our glorious cam walkers didn't have the foresight to develop a bootie to keep our socks from getting soaked. I don't know about you but I've got places to be and a little rain shower is definitely not going to keep me cooped up. Don't bother calling the surgical supply stores - i already tried. You need something with a good sole that covers the whole boot. Here are your options....

  • Motorcycle boot covers. Serious bikers ride in the rain and you better believe they have rain gear to keep them going the distance. Buy a men's size and buy a size up - better safe than sorry. Sadly there aren't too many stores in the city that carry motorcycle rain gear so plan ahead and order onlineFrogg Toggs Leggs Boots get the best reviews (and are the most stylish of the lot) ">

  • Overshoes by NEO. These things were designed for Artic adventures so they were sure to keep my tootsies toasty. A men's XXL fit my medium sized cam walker. They're more expensive than the motorcycle boot covers but these do the trick and are available at serious camping stores like NYC's Tents and Trails.

  • Extra large men's galosh and lots of black duck tape. It might have to comet to this, and if it does don't forget to tape up the excess toe space. The only thing worse than looking like a gimp is looking like a clutzy gimp who has tripped over her own foot.

Two problems still remain....
1) no matter what shoe you wear on your good foot, you seem to be uneven, and 2) how can you possibly mask an Artic snow shoe?!

Thanks to Blythe Danner who recently walked a red carpet in a camwalker and clog we learned that they are a perfect match (well, at least height-wise). Sadly, clogs don't hug my narrow heels and I'm protecting my good foot at all costs (if another reason were needed please see above on reasons to avoid gimpish falls).

Several hours and $71 later i found my match on ebay....A fabulous pair of vintage Roluc black goat hair boots!

Any big black boot will have the same effect. At 30 years old and 5'9", the thought of spending money on an orthodic lift is simply obscene so I made do with a few thick insoles and a few pairs of cashmere socks.

More to come but this girl's got places to go....


  1. this definitely helped, thanks!!!!

  2. I broke my foot in September and I am stuck with my damn boot until December and was really dreading the snow! Your advice really helped! Thank you so much! Its nice to know I'm not the only one!